CD Edition (audio)

Sometimes it’s more convenient to listen to the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly than to read it. And hearing the lesson read aloud can offer a new perspective, open up new insights, and provide spiritual refreshment in a busy day.

Load the CD into your car’s player and enjoy the lesson while commuting, traveling, or running errands. Use your home audio system to listen while sitting in your favorite chair or on the sofa. Or pop it into a portable CD player to listen to the lesson anywhere—on the patio, at the park, the beach, or in any quiet spot.

Each section of the lesson is a separate track, making it easy to start, stop, and pick up where you left off. Many lessons are followed by a hymn or other inspirational music that enhances your listening experience. Click here for information about the music included with each lesson, including links to purchase CDs or MP3s of your favorites. 

A one-year subscription (complete audio Bible Lessons for 12 months) is $195 USD. You will receive your first set of CDs 4–6 weeks after subscribing. Individual CDs can be purchased in Christian Science Reading Rooms worldwide; prices will vary.

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