Full-Text Edition (print)

The Full-Text Edition contains the complete text of each week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly, including the Golden Text, Responsive Reading, and all of the citations from the Bible and Science and Health. While reading the Bible Lesson directly from the books can be invaluable, having the complete lesson available in this compact, easy-to-carry booklet is extremely convenient when you’re on the go, whether across town or across the globe. Both readable and portable, you can use the Full-Text whenever you have a moment for study—at lunch, between classes, while waiting for an appointment, or to help someone who could use a bit of inspiration. There’s plenty of room to jot notes and ideas as you engage with the lesson throughout the day. Some people also feel that reading the lesson from the Full-Text offers a different study experience, often sparking new insights and perspectives.

Each issue of the Full-Text Edition includes a complete month of Bible Lessons. A one-year subscription (12 issues) is $135 USD. You will receive your first issue 4–6 weeks after subscribing. Single copies can be purchased in Christian Science Reading Rooms worldwide; prices will vary.

Full-Text editions are also available in German and Spanish.

Electronic editions of the lesson also offer full-text options. eBibleLesson includes ePub, HTML, PDF, and In-Context editions of the complete lesson text as well as audio editions. myBibleLesson offers a colorful PDF of the lesson text plus Bible notes, background information, cartoons, photos, and more.