Alternative Bible Translation Citation

The Bible Lesson citation you selected is not from the King James Version of the Bible. Due to copyright restrictions we can not provide the full context of the Bible translation from which the citation was originally chosen. 

You can read more about Bible translations in the articles listed below: 

• "The 'eternal version' of the Bible" (The Christian Science Journal - November 2013) by Mary Trammell

• "Mary Baker Eddy and the King James Version of the Bible" (The Christian Science Journal - October 2013) by Robert Warneck

• "Mary Baker Eddy and Bible Translations" (The Christian Science Journal, December 2012) Michael Davis, Researcher, Mary Baker Eddy Library

• "Living the Bible's Truth" (The Christian Science Journal, May  2008)  An interview with three Bible scholars

• "Expanding use of Bible translations" (The Christian Science Journal, March 2008) Sandy Waller, Manager, Bible Lesson Products

• "Christian Science Bible Lessons and the King James Version" (The Christian Science Journal, June 2005) the Christian Science Board of Directors