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  • The Christian Science Journal includes articles and verified accounts of spiritual healing, provid­ing a strong record of how the Science of Christ is healing today in just the same manner as Christ Jesus healed over 2,000 years ago.
  • Christian Science practitioners are listed in The Christian Science Journal in its worldwide directory. Practitioners are available to provide metaphysical healing treatment to those in need.
  • The directory also lists Christian Science nurses who are available to provide skilled practical care consistent with reliance on prayer for healing.
  • The Christian Science Sentinel keeps readers spiritually alert and conscious of God’s power in their daily lives, which helps them heal themselves and others.
  • JSH-Online is a monthly subscription website providing an online portal to everything currently published in print and audio by the Journal, the Sentinel, and the 14 language editions of the Herald, and includes a full-text searchable archive of everything published in print from 1883 to today and audio content from 2000 to today.
  • Christian Science Reading Rooms are located in every town that has a Christian Science church. Everyone is welcome to come in and ask questions, to research prayer and healing, or to purchase Bibles, Science and Health as well as other works by Mary Baker Eddy, literature, and music.
  • For information about Christian Science please visit